of Altered States, first issue out now.

See that looking back at you. That there is the cover of an anthology published today for free. Don’t you just love free as a concept: free love, free speech, free writing.

You may have to pay to read some of these writers in the future, so jump over the hoop and read this stuff for free now, while you can, before they get all big and famous and expensive. Well, anything is expensive when compared to free.

Oh…yeah…I’ve got a story in there too…um…a…well…look it’s not my fault…honest…it just came out all literary and stuff.

Does this mean I have to go to dinner parties and talk about books I haven’t read (except as crib-notes) and smile when somebody slags off LOTR for the 14th time using the same nonsense syllables they used the first 13?

What? It’s not actually literary, my story doesn’t pass muster with the braying fashionistas of the nursery slopes.


Anyway, go on. It’s free, and properly edited, and there are some stunning stories in there.

What on Earth do you have to lose?

Here’s the science bit: http://www.ofalteredstates.com/free-downloads/


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